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Thus Saith the Lord: Jonah

Jonah is perhaps the most well known of the minor prophets. Today's lesson discusses this reluctant prophet and his miraculous deliverance. We will consider our own deliverance according to the amazing grace of the Lord as well as God's heart for the nations.


Thus Saith the Lord: Obadiah

Today's lesson focuses on the short, 21 verse book of Obadiah. Mark Dever, in his book Promises Made, establishes the theme of Obadiah as answering the questions of who are God's enemies, who are God's friends, and, finally, who is God? We explore these questions as well as the historical context and contemporary relevance of Obadiah's prophecy from the Lord.

P.S. There are a few seconds of silence at the start of the audio when I couldn't figure out if the recording was live or not!