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Thus Saith the Lord: Habakkuk

In the book of Habakkuk we are given a glimpse into the prophet's struggles as he wonders where God is in the midst of the blatant sin and moral decay that surrounds him. He will demand an answer from the Lord but it will not be the answer he expects. Habakkuk will learn to trust the Lord and will finally confess that he will yet rejoice despite the struggle and trials that will surely come as the Lord brings justice.


Thus Saith the Lord: Nahum

Through the prophet Nahum the Lord issues a proclamation of judgment on the city of Nineveh. In this rather obscure and overlooked book of the Bible we learn much about God's just punishment of wickedness and the only way sinners can be fully forgiven and redeemed.


Thus Saith the Lord: Micah

As we have seen throughout our study of the prophets, Micah will issue a proclamation of judgment on the people for their sin against God. Yet all is not hopeless; there is also the promise of restoration and redemption. Micah concludes his prophecy with the question, Who is like God? The answer: No one! Our God is unique in His holiness and in His grace.