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Thus Saith the Lord: Malachi

Today is the final lesson in our unit on the Old Testament prophets. Malachi is not only the final book in the Old Testament canon; it is also the final book in the biblical prophetic literature. Addressing post-exilic Judah in a series of six disputations, the Lord through Malachi confronts the issue of true worship as He exposes the people's sin and calls them to repentance. We will close out the unit with a look at what happens next in biblical history as well as how the Lord's promises through the prophets find their fulfillment in Jesus. 


Thus Saith the Lord: Haggai and Zechariah

Haggai and Zechariah are contemporaries, ministering to the people of God who have returned from exile to rebuild the temple. As they exhort the people to resume rebuilding efforts, they point to the future hope of the greater glory to come. Zechariah in particular points to the promised Messiah. In this lesson we are encouraged to repent and to place our hope in the promises of the Lord to save and redeem.


Thus Saith the Lord: Zephaniah

In his book Promises Made, Mark Dever outlines five things we learn about God from the prophet Zephaniah. In today's lesson we use Dever's outline as a framework for our discussion of the Lord's sovereignty, justice, and mercy.