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Real Joy - Real Faith - Real Life: The Surpassing Worth

In Philippians 3:1-11 Paul warns his readers of the dangers of the "gospel and _____" being taught the Judaizers, the "dogs," even going so far as to claim what they are proclaiming as evil. In order to show the foolishness of placing confidence in one's accomplishments and status, he demonstrates from his own life and testimony the priceless treasure Christ is to him. There is much to encourage in this lesson and much to challenge and convict!


Real Joy - Real Faith - Real Life: It is God Who Works

After technical difficulties with the last lesson's audio recording, our podcast resumes with this lesson on Phil. 2:12-30. I want to make note of one incorrect statement: in the lesson I quote Elyse Fitzpatrick and mention doing a study by her on Hebrews. That Hebrews study I have in mind was actually written by Nancy Guthrie though still highly recommended! The book by Elyse that I quote (and also highly recommend) is "Because He Loves Me."