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Real Joy - Real Faith - Real Life: The Wisdom from Above

James 3:13-18 contrasts two kinds of wisdom: earthly wisdom and the wisdom from above. As we discuss the origin, characteristics, and effects of each, we must ask ourselves: where do we need wisdom? And where do we seek it? Wisdom, like faith, will show itself in how we live our lives. 


Real Joy - Real Faith - Real Life: The Tongue is a Fire

The power and destructive nature of our speech, a restless evil no one can tame--it's the theme of James 3:1-12. This lesson brings with it no small amount of conviction for us all! As we discuss our words and our propensity to use them for harm and evil, we remind ourselves of the kindness of the Lord to bring us to repentance!


Real Joy - Real Faith - Real Life: Not By Faith Alone

At the end of James 2, James continues his theme of true, living faith by contrasting faith with works and faith without works. We discuss what appears to be contradictions with Paul's teaching that justification is by faith alone.