Monthly Archives: September 2015

Rahab the Prostitute

Joshua 2 relates the account of Rahab and her interaction with the two spies sent to scout out the land prior to invasion. What a beautiful picture of the mercy of God extended to the least likely and most desperate, glory to God! I think this is one of my favorite accounts of grace in the Bible.


Be Strong and Courageous

We begin our study of Joshua with a look at the who, when, and what of the book. We then explore the explore the key truths of Joshua 1, the call of God to Joshua to be strong and courageous, the promise of the land, the importance of unity within the people of God, and the rest that the Lord gives.


Our Faithful and Merciful God: Introduction

We begin our new Bible study series as we usually do, with a look at why Bible study is important and what implications that has for us. We want to be women of the Word and this session seeks to motivate and fuel that goal.