Monthly Archives: October 2015

I Coveted Them and Took Them

After our week off last week, we return with a look at Joshua 7 and 8 where we talk about the Israelites' defeat at Ai, surely something of a shock after the triumph at Jericho. We discuss Achan's sin and its horrific consequences and then the Lord's delivery of a victory at Ai. Joshua 8 concludes with a worship service and a remembering of all of the word of the Lord by the all the people.


The Lord Has Given You the City

In this lesson we look at the interesting circumstances of Joshua 5 and 6. From Joshua's intriguing visitor to the Lord's rather strange methodology for the capture of Jericho, we have much to think about and discuss! We wrestle with the command to destroy every living thing in Jericho even as we remember that sin must be judged. We will also rejoice in the glorious truth that Jesus bore our reproach!


The Living God is Among You

In Joshua 3:5, Joshua tells the people to "Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you." Joshua 3 and 4 are intriguing both in the wonders they describe and in the literary technique they employ. This lesson will consider the amazing things the Lord accomplishes on behalf of His people as they finally cross into the land that had been promised to their ancestors for generations as well as the importance of remembering and reciting the faithfulness of God.