Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Inheritance

In this lesson we cover a large portion of Scripture, Joshua 13-19. We are challenged by Caleb's faith and we rejoice in the concrete picture of the Lord's promises reaching fulfillment. It is something of a convoluted lesson that jumps around somewhat but the truths gleaned have much application to us here in 2015. 


The Whole Land

Joshua 11 and 12 will wrap up the the war account with a summary of the conquest and the narrative will begin to transition to the allotment of the land. Once again we will be faced with the difficult truth of God's wrath and sovereignty and we will also be reminded of the faith building exercise of gratitude.


The Lord Fought For Israel

In this lesson we explore the Gibeonite deception and the Israelites' failure to seek the counsel of the Lord. We will see mercy amidst judgment and the amazing miracle of the sun standing still as Joshua and the men of Israel fight the southern kings. We will take comfort in our God who fights on our behalf and we will marvel at the great privilege of prayer.