Monthly Archives: March 2016

The Child Shall Be A Nazirite

Today's lesson focuses on Judges 13 and the last of the judges in the book of Judges, Samson. Upon first glance, it may seem as if this chapter doesn’t have all that much to say to us, but I think we will be encouraged by its account of Samson’s miraculous birth. 


Jephthah Made A Vow

In our lesson covering Judges 10:6-12:15, we discuss one of the saddest and most foolish vows in all of the Bible. The book of Judges continues to instruct us in the escalating nature of sin and rebellion and the tyranny of idolatry. Our souls are desperately sick and hopelessly enslaved apart from the Lord's deliverance!


On One Stone

Our lesson will cover the conclusion of Gideon's story in Judges 8. What an interesting and conflicted character! Judges 9 will then show us the escalation of Israel's downward spiral into apostasy and rebellion under the leadership of Gideon's son Abimelech. We discuss the sobering lessons the Bible has for us in the horrific circumstances of Judges 8 and 9.