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No King in Israel

In this final lesson from the book of Judges the depravity of the people will reach tragic and horrific depths. Their downward spiral of wickedness in chapters 19-21 points to their need for a better and true Judge and Deliverer, a true and righteous King. 

Apologies for no podcast for last week's lesson. Due to user error there was no audio on the recording!

Samson and Delilah

The Biblical narrative of Samson continues in Judges 16. Samson's recklessness escalates, as does his inability to resist beautiful women. His story closes on a pitiful note but one that gives us hope in the day of trouble when we too despair of being beyond the grace of God. 


Samson and the Philistines

After studying Samson's nativity in the last lesson, we continue his story in Judges 14 and 15. We will seek his weaknesses and his willfulness on full display! But the Lord is at work and His purposes will prevail. He will use Samson to begin to deliver His people from the Philistines, just as He promised.