Monthly Archives: September 2016

As One Who Had Authority

This lesson focuses on Mark 1:21-3:12. In this passage, Jesus demonstrates His authority over demons and over physical ailments as He goes about teaching, healing, and performing exorcisms. The people are astonished; the religious leaders less so and opposition begins to grow. We discuss Jesus as the Son of Man and the call to submit to His authority in repentance and faith.


The Kingdom of God is At Hand

In this first lesson from the gospel of Mark, we begin by examining the who, what, when, where, and why of the book. We then turn our attention to Mark 1:1-20, discussing the role of John the Baptist, the baptism of Jesus, the beginning of Jesus' preaching ministry, and the call of the first disciples. We consider the call of the gospel and we ask what true abandon looks like in our culture.


Something More Sure

In this "pre-game pep talk" we discuss the why's and wherefore's of Bible study, why we do what we do and how we can cultivate a delight in the Word of God that is framed by dependence and desire.