Monthly Archives: October 2016

You Are The Christ

In this lesson on Mark 8:27-9:50, Peter will confess Jesus as the Christ and yet will demonstrate his misunderstanding of the kind of Messiah Jesus will be. Jesus will call His disciples to take up their crosses and die and will give sobering instruction considering the seriousness of sin. Note to listeners: we had a visitor near the close of the lesson! You will most likely hear me fighting distraction and some amusement when a dog decided to join us :)


Like Sheep Without a Shepherd

This lesson covers Mark 6:7-8:26. We discuss some familiar events in the life and ministry of Jesus such as the feeding of the 5,000 and Him walking on water. We continue to explore who Jesus is and what His kingdom is like as He encounters opposition from the religious leaders and offers grace to Gentile and Jew alike.


Who Then Is This

In Mark 3:13-6:6, Jesus calls His disciples to a twofold mission: to be with Him and to carry on His mission of preaching the gospel. He instructs them through a series of parables and calls for those who have ears to hear, let them hear. May we have ears to hear! He continues to encounter growing opposition from the scribes who launch some rather serious allegations against Him.